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    Luminaries FOR SALE!

    Keep the Tradition, Build a Memory.  An annual tradition in El Lago is the lighting of the luminaries on Christmas Eve.  This magical sight began in the Clear Lake area in 1968 while Jim Lovell, William Anders, and Frank Borman circled the moon on Christmas Eve (all have been residents of El Lago).  The NASA community wanted a special way to send the astronauts a Christmas wish while they were in space.  The lining of the sidewalks with lighted luminaries was the perfect solution.  Luminaries are white bags with a lighted candle which gives a beautiful display.  This tradition expanded from one neighborhood to the next, and continues to this day.   Click this link to learn more:  https://vimeo.com/187062595

    Luminaria kits are available for sale for $17.  Each kit contains 30 white bags and 30 candles; one kit will take care of most homes.  The city provides the sand to weight the bags and will be available after December 15 in McNair Park.  Get the whole family involved in setting up the luminaries and create your own family memories.  It’s a beautiful walk or ride thru the neighborhood on Christmas Eve, so make plans to enjoy the sights with friends and family.  Rain day will be Christmas night.

    The sale of the luminarias is also a significant source of income which finances the La Ventana - your community newspaper.  Volunteers staff the paper; however we still must pay for supplies, printing, and distribution.  Your purchase of the luminaries shows your support and helps pay these expenses.  If you’ll be out of town ask a neighbor to set them out for you.  

    Look for "Luminaries For Sale" yard signs at homes,  the Water Department or City Hall.  In El Lago, Christmas just wouldn’t be complete without the luminaries lining our sidewalks on Christmas Eve.  Get the kids involved, create memories, and continue the tradition!

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