Connect-CTY Emergency Notification System

The City of El Lago will be using the Connect-CTY notification service to send residents and businesses important emergency information such as an evacuation, utility problem or missing child. It can also be used to communicate relevant citywide civic announcements. Participation is 100% free.

Signing Up

Please accept our invitation to participate in this great communication network. With the Connect-CTY service, we can contact you by your home phone. Additionally, you can customize the service to also be contacted via cell phone, email or personal digital assistant (PDA). This may be especially important if you are away from your home during an emergency event such as in an evacuation.

To customize your contact information with your cell phone, email and/or PDA, please visit the Connect-CTY notification service website. You will be linked to a page where your additional contact information can easily be entered.

One-Step Notification

If you do not have access to a computer, call the City Secretary at 281-326-1951, ext. 111 to have your information customized for you.

Removing Information

Need to remove your information from the call list? If you have moved or no longer wish to receive messages from the City of El Lago, you may remove your name from our calling list via the Connect-CTY notification service website. Select the option to edit or delete my information and follow the prompts.

Please keep in mind that you may select "emergency only" notifications while in that option that would allow you to still be informed in the event of an emergency.