Harris County 911 Emergency Network

The Greater Harris County 911 Emergency Network (GHC 911) would like to make you aware of recent enhancements to the emergency notification system (formerly called NEWS or Reverse 911) provided to all of its jurisdictions. Until now the system could only contact landline phones. However, many residents no longer have landline phones in their homes, choosing to rely on just cell and/or voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone service. The Greater Harris County 911 Emergency Network is now able to contact residents who register their cell and/or VoIP phone numbers.

For residents who rely on cell and VoIP phone service, they must register their phone numbers at the self-registration portal, which can be found at the GHC 911 website. All landlines residential and business phone numbers are already available without registration.

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When It's Used

Residents are reminded that the emergency notification system may be used by cities/counties to advise residents in a particular area of any situation that threatens harm to life and/or property or is deemed dangerous by local officials.

The emergency notification system is only used for public safety emergencies.

Types of Situations

Determination of an emergency is made by each city/county. Situations that would warrant an activation of the system are:

  • Chemical release/hazardous material
  • Dangerous suspect
  • Local area evacuation
  • Missing persons

Please note: This is, in addition, to not instead of our Blackboard Connect System. Typically, we will use the Blackboard Connect System when there is an emergency, not reverse 911 due to the extreme cost of reverse 911.