Public Schools

Elementary Schools
Children in El Lago attend Clear Creek Independent School District (CCISD) schools. Edward H. White II Elementary School (281-284-4300), grades Kindergarten though 5, is located at 1708 Les Talley Drive in El Lago. Most youngsters can walk or bicycle to school there.

Also available for grades pre-Kindergarten through 6 is Bay Area Charter Elementary School (281-326-4555), located at 2600 Humble Road in El Lago.

Intermediate & High Schools
Grades 6 through 8 are bused to the district's science magnet school, Seabrook Intermediate School (281-474-2539), located at 2401 North Meyer Road in Seabrook. Grades 9 through 12 attend Clear Falls High School (281-284-1100), located at 4380 Village Way in League City.

Register at the appropriate school, but call to make sure which health and school records will be needed. A handbook detailing dress codes and other school rules will be given to you.