El Lago Proud is Still in Business

For the past several years the El Lago Proud Committee (a division of the El Lago Parks Board) has been encouraging residents to pay a bit more attention to our landscaping and how it appears to passers-by. Here's your chance to improve your landscape and possibly win a coveted El Lago Proud sign - placed on your front lawn to announce your award-winning efforts for all the neighbors to see. Spring is just around the corner, and you're feeling inclined to show off your horticultural ability to your neighbors - it wouldn't hurt to make them just little bit jealous - right? A bit of color would look nice in our landscapes. Gussie up those flower beds with some spring blossoms, and a few pots of color by your front door would get the attention of passers-by. Maybe a few baskets of hanging ferns would accentuate the tropical look you're trying to create. Your favorite nursery has an overwhelming choice of plants to choose from - it wouldn't hurt to ratchet up that 'curb appeal' not to mention property values. As usual, the committee has non-resident judges to peruse our city and pick a few winners. El Lago is divided into 4 sections - so 1 winner, and 1 runner-up will be chosen in each section. The judges will be traversing our city in April, and the winners will be announced in the June issue of La Ventana. Winners will not be eligible again for two years - it's only fair to give your neighbors a chance to out-shine your efforts - as if they could!