Homeowners Associations - HOA

There are 3 active Homeowner Associations (HOAs) in the City of El Lago. The HOAs are responsible for maintenance guidelines as well as boat ramp management (see below).

The El Lago Committee

Serves homes in the original section of El Lago generally located between NASA Road One and McNair park.

El Lago Estates Civic Corps

Serves homes located between McNair park and the Taylorcrest Neighborhood.

Taylorcrest Community Association

Serves the homes located in the neighborhood of Taylorcrest.

There are 3 active Condominium Associations in the City of El Lago.

Lakeshore Condominium Complex

Marina Bay Condominiums

Yacht Club Condominium Association

And there is 1 active Townhome and Condominium Association in the City of El Lago:

El Lago Point

Boat Ramps

The boat ramps are operated by the homeowner associations (HOAs). Each different HOA operates its own boat ramp and you must contact them for assistance with keys or other information.

AreaRamp LocationHOA NameContactContact Information
El Lago Sections 1 through 4Lakeshore DriveThe El Lago CommitteeAssocia / Houston Community Mgmt. Services - Tiffany Carter - 832-864-1230Email Tiffany Carter
El Lago Sections 6 through 7Whitecap DriveEl Lago Estates Civic CorpsRob O'DonelEmail Elecchoa@hotmail.com
TaylorcrestLake Arbor DriveTaylorcrest AssociationMaggie AsherEmail Maggie Asher