Reminders From City Hall

Pet Licenses & Alarm Permits

Yes, just a reminder that it's that time of year, come by City Hall to renew pet licenses and alarm permits. Each is just $5 for the year and you can purchase multiple years at a time. For pet licenses, please bring a current copy of your pet's rabies vaccination record. Some pets are given shots that have up to a 3-year expiration so we will permit your pet for the same number of years for just $5 per year.

Building Permits & Contractor Registrations

When deciding to have some work done around the house, please do not forget that most jobs that involve any concrete, electrical, plumbing, irrigation or structural work will need a permit. Visit the Building Department's webpage for what does and does not require a permit. And yes, even if you are doing the work yourself, a permit is still required.

Additionally, if you are hiring a contractor to do the work, they will need to be registered with the city. Why? Because we will verify the contractor's name, registration with the Comptroller's Office, professional licenses and their liability insurance. This effort helps to protect our residents from small fly-by-night types of companies that may target elderly or unknowing residents who may not realize the company they just hired is a guy working from his car with no insurance who will demand some or all of the job cost up front and then never return to do the job! Yes, folks, this has definitely happened in our city so please, ask your contractor to show you their city registration or call the city for a current list of registered contractors.

All jobs in progress in the city without a permit or contractor registration will be halted and permit and registration fees will be doubled!

Food for Furry Friends

We know you love your furry friends and just want to be sure they have a good meal, but did you know that by leaving food (even bird food) out at night you are probably feeding more than you bargained for? We've had an increase in reports of rodents who are living off of the bird, dog, cat food left out overnight. Then these rodents find their way into your neighbor's garages, homes and even under the hoods of vehicles. Rats and mice can cause quite a bit of destruction and carry diseases so please, do not leave food out at night!


Elections are normally held at City Hall. Early voting will still take place at the Library off Buccaneer in Clear Lake.

City general elections are at City Hall.  Election packets are at City Hall or online. 

Leaves & Debris

It is the responsibility of each resident to clear the street curb and gutter area in front of their house of all leaves and debris. No debris is allowed to run into the storm drains as this clogs the drains and causes flooded streets during heavy downfalls. Please take a look at your curb and gutter area and clean as needed. This helps us all out, especially during spring storms.

Gym Membership & Fitness Classes

You know you need to do it, your doctor says you should do it, you even made a New Year's resolution to do it, so what's stopping you? Visit the Fitness, Tennis, and Pool Memberships webpage or come by City Hall to join the gym and fitness classes. Just do it!